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Certification Process

Europrivacy, the European Data Protection Seal, is more than a certification. It offers a first-class journey to reduce your legal and financial risks, build trust and confidence, and value your compliance with competitive advantages. Our official partners, Online Academy, and Europrivacy Resources & Community website are here to support you and make your journey enjoyable. You can request an offer from our qualified partners and/or acquire a Europrivacy Welcome Pack that gives you access to the relevant online resources for three years.

The process is simple and efficient:

  1. Request offers from our partners and/or purchase a Europrivacy Welcome Pack.
  2. Select and specify your targets of evaluation.
  3. Use the Europrivacy criteria to document your compliance and reduce your risks.
  4. Choose a qualified Certification Body to certify your data processing.
  5. Value and demonstrate your compliance with officially recognised European Data Protection Seals.
  6. Build trust and confidence by maintaining and enhancing your compliance with our online resources, alert messages, and yearly surveillance audits.

Each step is supported by dedicated online resources, guidelines, documentation, and templates available on the Europrivacy Resources & Community website. Our partners also provide solutions to simplify and accelerate the documentation of your compliance with the Europrivacy criteria. Moreover, once the first target of evaluation is documented, a large part of its documentation can be reused for other data processing, making subsequent certifications faster.

DPOs willing to apply the Europrivacy methodology on their own are encouraged to receive training as implementers on the Europrivacy Academy and to join the Europrivacy Resources & Community website as DPO to access the required documentation.