Technological Expertise

EuroPrivacy is the first privacy certification scheme designed to address emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things deployments and Smart Cities, with international experts in this domain. It benefits from ongoing Horizon 2020 European research projects on privacy and cybersecurity, including Privacy Flag (privacy certification), ANASTACIA (privacy and security seal), SAINT (cybersecurity), Create-IoT (Trusted IoT label) and U4IoT. The latter is in charge of promoting personal data protection in the five European Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) on the Internet of Things financed by the European Commission. They encompass domains such as smart cities, wearables, smart transportation, smart agriculture, and smart homes. They gather over 150 European companies and research centers.

Euro Privacy gathers the required expertise to assess and validate technical measures for personal data protection, including:

• Encryption and strong authentication
• Securing networks and data transmissions
• Servers security
• Personal data dissociation, pseundonomyzation and anonymization
• Role-based access control
• Real time intrusion detection tools
• Prior informed consent mechanisms
• Data ownership and end user data control

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