Privacy Audit, Certification and Labeling

EuroPrivacy provides an independent auditing service to assess the compliance of your company, products, solutions and services with the European General Data Protection Regulation and associated Directives, as well as with the Swiss legislation and international norms. The EuroPrivacy certification and labeling is fully aligned with ISO requirements and encompasses products, services and information management system certification requirements (ISO 17065, 17067, 17021, 27001). EuroPrivacy provides you with tailored services to:

Audit and analyze your risks related to data processing, in order to preserve you from legal, financial and reputational losses;
Certify and label your compliance with data protection law and regulations;
Improve your data protection.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider us:

Over 10 years of expertise in data protection law: EuroPrivacy gathers international experts in personal data protection encompassing Swiss, European, US and international law. Our senior members are specialized and active in personal data protection since over ten years.

Cutting-edge expertise: EuroPrivacy members are closely engaged in the evolution of the European normative framework for data protection, in academic education, as well as in European research projects on privacy, cybersecurity, and risk assessment methodologies.

Holistic approach - all in one: EuroPrivacy combines certification for:

• products, services, and information management;
• EU, Swiss, and international obligations;
• Legal, ISO and ICT expertise.

Addressing emerging technologies: EuroPrivacy is the first privacy certification scheme designed to address emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things deployments and Smart Cities, with global leaders and experts in this domain.

European dimension: EuroPrivacy is supported by a network of experts across Europe and is formally endorsed by the European Center for Certification and Privacy (ECCP) in Luxembourg.

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