Data Protection Services (DPO)

The European General Data Protection Regulation requires from data controllers and data processors to comply with a large set of obligations, which are not always easy to address and require specific expertise.
A key role introduced by the new rules is the Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), whose appointment is sometimes mandatory, such as in the case of public authorities, or private companies whose core activities consist of processing operations which require regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale, or processing special categories of data on a large scale. National law may even extend the scope of the latter obligation. It is not always straightforward to understand when and where a DPO is necessary and, when such a necessity arises, it is crucial to design its role in a way that renders it able to discharge its strategic tasks.
EuroPrivacy network of expert can first of all help organizations in understanding whether a DPO is necessary, through an assessment of the relevant personal data processing. It can also provide highly reliable, continuous and efficient DPO services,provide data protection service in order to support organizations complying with these obligations, including inter alia:

• Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA
• Monitoring compliance with the GDPR and with other Union or Member State data protection provisions;
• Cooperation with the supervisory authority
• Internal audits;
• Independent control and monitoring;
• Independent complaint procedure and management.

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